Discover our trousers, designed for a new tribe of climate agents.
ACTl trousers are digitally crafted with WEARPURE.TECH 3D filament and fabrics, providing them the capability of absorbing greenhouse gases from the air. Digitally fabricated, ACT-Trousers present a high-waist and adjustable bent featuring a 3D printed lateral pocket.


At WEARPURE.TECH we program our products to become active agents in the environment to adsorb the GHG.

How we activate our products?

TEXTILE ADDITIVATION: The selected textile goes through a dry activation process, which transforms the passive fibers inactivate fibers able to become agents in the environment able to reduce the xx.


Our ethical values lead us to select materials of responsible origin, a guarantee of respectful and reliable work environments. We prioritize natural fibers that come from natural origin (from plants) and recycled synthetics fibers.
100% organic cotton, the use of organic farming fibers, does not contain harmful or toxic substances for the environment. Produced with social and ecological responsibility.
TPU compound with CO2pure, a 100% natural mineral compound with the property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx) and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

-Wash by hand
-Cold wash
-Wash at 30 degrees
-Dry clothes naturally, NO tumble dry
-Do not iron the 3D printed part