Product design


Have you ever imagined that your home can become a small forest and help reduce CO2 in the air?

With our team, we design and manufacture active furniture products. So activate your spaces to reduce toxic gases from the environment with WEARPURE.Tech products.

Specialized in the additive manufacturing process, contributes in reducing Footprint impact/ environmental impacts.

Made from biodegradable material, WEARPURE.Tech has a property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases  (CO2 and NOx) and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the environment.

WPT x External Reference


Combining pristine design and high-quality material. 80g Manglare Chair has been designed by External Reference after an extensive period of research and prototyping, using for 3D printing.


Aiming to reduce the production steps, 45g chair presents the perfect match between energy consumption, manufacturing time, and design structural strength.


Curvy shape and flexible structure. The 40g chair has been 3D printed featuring the pellet in PLA based.